About Us

Our motto :

"Communicate through sensations, speak through images, describe emotions."

  • ECHER Media is a collective of young, talented and experienced people focused on developing of a wide range of New Media and Internet related.
  • Our main objective is to emphasise the creative aspects of each job whether it's to be viewed on screen or printed page.
  • We believe the most effective design solutions can only be reliased through a full understanding of our clients needs.
  • Our individual skills mean we are able to handle any project from initial concept through to design and implementation.


ECHER Media is concerned to create any kind of graphic and design:

  • web sites: flash, html, css
  • processing image
  • logo (static, vector, 3d, cartoon, animated)
  • banner (static, animated)
  • print illustration: bussiness card, letterhead, envelope, e-cover: (cd, dvd, e-book, e-box)
  • flash presentation
  • flash intro
  • animation